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ETI Research LINK Banana Plugs

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The ETI Research LINK Banana speaker cable connector is, dollar-for-dollar one of the best sounding banana connectors on the market. Known as a Sawtooth style Banana, this design is unique in the way it will make a near perfect connection between connector and terminal.

The punched and rolled Beryllium Copper conductor used in the LINK Banana is housed in a Brass Shell for the strength and stability, allowing multiple plug > unplug cycles without any deterioration in electrical contact integrity.

Two termination screws allows for easy, solderless termination, yet strong enough to secure the electrical and mechanical connection strongly.

ETI Research LINK Banana Connector

The Aluminum Housing offers two opposing screws to secure the connector to the speaker wire insulation (or heatshrink) for robust Wire Strain relief.

Home   >   Products   >   Connectors Speaker

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