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AC Power Conditioning

Plasmatron AC Power Supply

Plasmatron 3

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This product has been discontinued, but replacement tubes are still available in matched pairs from VH Audio. VH Audio has a unique, purpose-built tester to continue matching tubes for years to come, as well as an ample supply of tubes for future customer puchases...

> Read more about the Plasmatron <

Environmental Potentials EP-2050 / 2050EE Surge and AC Waveform Correction & EP-2750 Ground Filter

Environmental Potentials EP-2050
EP-2050 AC Filter

EP-2750 Ground filter
EP-2750 Ground Filter

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The EP-2050 is the BEST solution I've found to help protect your audio equipment, as well as isolate your system from other AC line noise-generators inside your home - where MOST of the AC line noise is generated. Unlike other products on the market that shunt energy to the neutral or ground, the EP-2050 uses patented technology to dissipate much of this energy as HEAT, and operates in a parallel with your AC line, resulting in unrestricted, cleaner juice. There is no getting around using an MOV for the big whomps of juice, but MOV's degrade over time. What's special about the EP-2050 is the MOV stays behind 'the curtain', as the pedestrian nasties get zapped and converted to heat by EP's patented technology. Installs at your breaker panel, by a qualified electrician, in a little over an hour. Now available in BOTH 117V (U.S.) as well as 240V (International) versions!

The EP-2050EE is a brand new product that is a step above the EP-2050. More info may be found below.

The Environmental Potentials EP-2750 Ground filter is inserted in series between your circuit's safety ground, and the ground bus on your breaker panel. The EP-2750 provides further isolation of your dedicated stereo or HT circuits from the rest of your home, and may be used with any worldwide voltage, in a residential application.

Here is an example of a typical installation of these devices in one obsessed audiophile's home:

Main panel and sub-panel before

Sub-panel, after the EP-2050 installed. * Note the 'hot' leads are closest breaker to the four 20A dedicated stereo room circuits

Same sub-panel, after the ground filters installed

Here is the main panel, complete

One of the units, lit up, in all it's glory

> Spec sheet for Environmental Potentials EP-2050 <

> Spec sheet for Environmental Potentials EP-2050EE <

>Comparison of Environmental Potentials EP-2050 vs 2050EE <

> Install instructions for Environmental Potentials EP-2050 <

> Spec sheet for Environmental Potentials EP-2750 Ground Filter <

> Install instructions for Environmental Potentials EP-2750 Ground Filter <

Bybee Quantum Purifiers

Bybee Quantum Purifiers
Bybee Quantum Purifiers
Bybee Quantum Purifiers
Bybee Internal Speaker Bullet (mk II)

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Bybee Technologies has developed the Bybee Quantum Purifiers from ceramics doped with oxides of rare-earth metals such as zirconium and neodymium. They achieve a VP of 92% of the speed of light, which is far higher than VPs of common conductors, which typically range from 50 to 70% of the speed of light. In addition to being near-superconductive, Bybee Purifiers are electrically passive and stable in any circuit. The Bybee Purifiers induce no phase shift whatsoever, and are totally non-reactive, meaning there is no reactance between capacitance and inductance. When placed between an amplifier's power transformer and diode bridge, for example, the Bybee Purifier eliminates undesirable impedance mismatches. In an amplifier-to-speaker connection, the absence of reactance creates an optimal signal transfer and presents an easier load to the amplifier. When transmitting digital information, the Bybee purifier eliminates the overshoot and ringing that can occur in the leading edge of the square wave. This type of distortion is a major contributor to the harshness and glare often associated with digital sound. Many well-respected audiophiles swear by Bybee Purifiers. Large Bybees can handle up to 15 amps of current.

The Small Slipstream Quantum Bybee Purifiers represent a combination of the rare earth metal oxide technology of the original devices (above) with carbon fiber materials. Internally they are composed of nanotubes, which are much smaller than a human hair. By incorporating a great many nanotubes in each device, they are able to handle the same amount of current as the original Small Quantum Purifiers that handled up to 4.3 amps. The signal purification capabilities of the new BYbee Slipstream Quantum Purifiers are superior to their predecessors!

The Bybee Silver Slipstream small purifiers use a solid 18 AWG silver wire, and are highly recommended for use in digital circuit inputs/ouputs...

NEW ITEM! The $4,200 Bybee Golden Goddess 'Super Effect' Speaker Bullets have been praised by audio reviewers and customers as the most sonically powerful of all plug-in Bybee accessories. These NEW devices - Bybee Internal Speaker Bullets are Jack's DIY / OEM version, which make them much more affordable, at just $859.99 per set (two sets required for bi-wired speakers). Same performance- less dough, BUT you need to have some soldering skills, and a bit of dexterity.

> Click for more details about the Bybee Speaker Bullets <

NEW ITEM! Furutech NCF Clear Line AC enhancer

Furutech NCF Clear Line

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Furutech has introduced perhaps the simplest way to implement NCF technology into your system: The NCF Clear Line. NCF Clear Line is an audio grade AC optimizer, small enough to hold in your hand, that instantly enhances the quality of your power supply. Simply plug the NCF Clear Line into any vacant receptacle, power distributor or wall outlet. For best effect, use the NCF Clear Line on the same AC line/supply as your system, preferably at a receptacle adjacent to your system. < pdf details from Furutech >

> More details for Furutech Clear Line AC enhancer

Furutech Flow and Flux Series Inline AC Filters

Furutech Flow 15 AC Filter
Furutech Flow 15 PLUS AC Filter
Furutech Flow 8
Furutech Flow 8
Furutech Flow 28 Power Filter
Furutech Flow 28 Power Filter
Furutech Flux 50 Power Filter
Furutech Flux 50 G NCF Power Filter

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AC supply is shared with other apartments, homes, and businesses on the same utility transformer explaining why many audiophiles find their systems perform better late at night and over weekends.
The Furutech Flow and Flux series inline AC power filters address these common issues caused by AC grunge. These filters address ground noise, voltage spikes and sags, high frequency power supply noise from other components in your own system, and high-frequency digital noise emanating from processors and digital interconnects, and is a relatively inexpensive solution, when compared to "box" conditioners on the market. It's also easy to move around to different components, or place inline before your power strip to find where it will be most effective for your unique system.

Please note the Flux 50 NCF with RHODIUM Plating has been discontinued, in favor of one that is now GOLD plated.

> More details for Furutech Flow 15 <

> More details for Furutech Flow 8 <

> More details for Furutech Flow 28 <

> More details for Furutech Flux G 50 NCF <

Furutech ETP-80S (U.S) and ETP-80E (Schuko) Power Strips

Furutech ETP-80 (U.S.)
Furutech ETP-80 (U.S.)

Furutech ETP-80 (schuko)
Furutech ETP-80-E (Schuko)

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The Furutech e-TP80 (US) and e-TP80e (Schuko) are similar to the ETP-60, but have EIGHT outlets! Four of these outlets are filtered and four are non-filtered. Hyper quality non-magnetic 24k gold-plated 15A receptacles and Furutech's GC-303 EMF-absorbing internal coating are used, and all metal parts have been treated with Furutech's cryogenic and demagnetizing Alpha Process. Provided with a 2 meter Furutech FP-314Ag power cable.

> Click here for more details on the Furutech US Version ETP-80. (.pdf) <

> Click here for more details on the Furutech Schuko Version ETP-80e. (.pdf) <

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