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Interconnect Termination charge (Furutech DAS-4.1)
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This section is for termination service into the Furutech DAS-4.1 bulk interconnect cable by VH Audio. Custom termination is only available for this specific cable, when purchased from VH Audio, and terminated with Furutech CF-102R NCF or Furutech CF-601M NCF & CF-602 NCF connectors, when purchased concurrently through VH Audio. To order, simply add this termination charge in the above dropdown menu for each pair of interconnects, and then add the required length of DAS-4.1 and connectors to your cart. If you have any special requests (like multiple pairs / lengths), please note in the 'special instructions'' section of the order checkout.

VH Audio Pulsar Ag Digital or Analog Interconnects
VH Audio Pulsar Ag Interconnect

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The Pulsar AgTM RCA interconnect may be used for 75 ohm digital (SPDIF) OR shielded analog applications. A FINE (24 AWG), single SOLID pure OCC silver center conductor is surrounded by VH Audio's AirLok dielectric, and is double-shielded with foil and a silver plated OFHC copper braid.

Sold as single interconnects (digital SPDIF) or pairs (analog stereo).

VH Audio Spectrum Cu RCA Interconnects
VH Audio Spectrum Interconnect

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The Spectrum TM Cu (copper) RCA interconnect may be used for all analog applications. A FINE (28 AWG), SINGLE high-purity BARE copper insulated with VH Audio's AirLok dielectric is used for both the signal and return/ground conductors. Now available with Gold ETI Bullet Plugs!!! Deep Cryogenic treatment of conductors is standard with the Spectrum Cu.

Furutech AG-12 Tonearm Cable
Furutech AG-12 Phono Interconnect with Angled DIN
Furutech AG-12
Angled DIN
Furutech AG-12 Phono Interconnect with Straight DIN
Furutech AG-12
Straight DIN
Furutech AG-12 Phono Interconnect with RCA to RCA
Furutech AG-12

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VH Audio is stocking this cable by popular request. It may very well be the best bang-for-the-buck phono cable on the market right now. Some features include: (Alpha) silver-plated u-OFC Conductor, 4-layer shield construction for improved noise rejection, air-foamed polyethylene insulation, and Furutech rhodium-plated DIN or L-DIN and FP-126(R) Alpha-OCC RCA connectors. The best damping and insulation materials are used for improved frequency extension and tonal balance. Also, the carefully engineered cable clamp improves grip and reduces mechanical and electrically-induced distortion.

Dimensions: Cable diameter 9.5mm | Overall length: 1.2M set

Furutech AG-16 Phono Cable
Furutech AG-12 DIN (Straight)
Furutech AG-12 DIN
Furutech AG-12 DIN (Angle)
Furutech AG-12 DIN
Furutech AG-12 RCA to RCA
Furutech AG-12

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La Grande Épreuve

Grand Prix racing‘s single focus: Testing the absolute limits of technology and performance. Furutech builds each and every cable in their line the same way. Optimized engineering solutions applied to advanced materials and processes with utterly meticulous build quality for the ultimate test.

Phono cartridge output is vanishingly small and easily polluted by RFI and EMI. Every element of signal transfer must be perfectly engineered to avoid distortion that robs music of life. If you’re going to the trouble of playing vinyl why swamp the low-level signal in a veritable soup of noisy distortion right at its source!

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