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Vibration Control and Isolation

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Cable Isolators

Furutech NCF Booster

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The Furutech NCF Booster and NCF Booster Signal are devices that secure your cables and/or connectors, using multiple materials, and a special construction that helps dampen vibrations, and optimizes performance.

The Furutech NCF Booster and NCF Booster Signal elevate your audio cables off the floor, which minimizes the cable's points of contact with the floor, and may help reduce electromagnetic interference. The NCF Booster and NCF Booster Signal also excel at providing damping support for connectors and cables at or near the connection points, as well as enabling optimum alignment between connectors and sockets. The Furutech NCF Booster and NCF Booster Signal also help eliminate static – which can also boost sonic performance of your cables, with a purer and cleaner signal.

The NCF Booster Brace is an innovative design that can be used on Power Distributors or on walls for standard-mounted outlets in an either vertical or horizontal configuration.

> Click here for more details on the Furutech NCF booster <

> Click here for more details on the Furutech NCF booster Brace<

Oyaide INS-CFX Vibration Control Devices
Oyaide INS-CF
Oyaide INS-CFX

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The Oyaide INS-CF is designed to address vibration control by using several materials to disperse the bad vibes, and includes 30 layers of material. These materials include a carbon material Oyaide has named "silver carbon" which is a hybrid structure of high-density glass fiber with an aluminum metallization coating. In spite of their small size and lightness in weight, the Oyaide INS-CF provides remarkable vibration dampening properties. Due to the different types of twilling methods, CFRP (Carbon fiber and epoxy resign) and silver carbon have different densities which is an important factor for vibration dispersing property. Lastly, the INS-CF is coated with highly-rigid epoxy resin for strength and durability.

As a tuning chip, INS-CF can be placed not only under the audio equipment or speakers as an isolator, but also on the top or back panel of your equipment. Due to its lightness in weight, it is easily attached to various points on your equipment such as: analog tonearm, power strips, and even wall surfaces of your audio room. (Please prepare double-sided tape for pasting.)

The INS-CF may be positioned with either its Carbon surface or silver carbon surface on top, depending on your listening preference. The carbon fiber surface tends to emphasize speed, while the Silver carbon surface may emphasize smoothness.

The Oyaide INS-CF may be used with heavyweight equipment, if placed on a flat, level surface. The edge is rounded for scratch-resistant and "Oyaide" logo is on the surface of the silver carbon to indicate authenticity.

Dimensions D=20mm H=6mm (Circular shape) | Weight 3g per piece | Load capacity per piece 6t (on the flat and smooth surface) | 4 pieces per package

Composite Products Carbon Fiber Cones and Supports
Composite Products CF Projektor
CF Projektor


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The CF-Projektor might be one of the greatest tweaks on the market for ceiling mounted projectors! Vibration may dramatically affect the video quality of your expensive ceiling mounted projector. Unavoidable sources of vibration such as projector cooling fans, speakers and air conditioning units are significantly magnified and has the potential to degrade your picture quality. Sinmply place a set of carbon fiber CF-Projektor units between your projector and metal ceiling mount to dissipate unwanted vibration and improve picture quality significantly.
Specifications: Laminated Carbon Fiber Cone and Sorbathane - 1.5" Dia. x 1.0" Ht. Diameter of internal thru hole is .38" *Priced per piece. Typical installation will require 8 units.

Isolation Platforms

Synergistic Research Tranquility Base UEF

Synergistic Research Tranquility Base
Tranquility Base

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The Synergistic Research Tranquility Basik, and Tranquility Base use similar technology to actively immerse the components you place on the platforms in such a manner that the electromagnetic field interactions are stabilized within the components, as well as between the components. The primary differences between these units is size, as well as an additonal level of mechanical isolation and passive ground plane. Click on the models below for more information:

> Tranquility Base <

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