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Power Strips

The Hot Box TM

VH Audio Pulsar Interconnect

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The VH Audio Hot Box was designed for those who need extra outlets, but don't have the ability or resources to install additional wall receptacles or dedicated circuits. Built like a tank, and is arguably the best performing pure outlet strip on the market. Now available with U.K. or Aussie style male plug.

GTO-D2 and GTO-D3 NCF Power Distributors

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The NEW GTO-D2 (two duplex outlets for 4 outlets total) and GTO-D3 (3 duplex outlets for 6 outlets total) NCF Power Distributor is a very cost-effective way to upgrade to a Premium Furutech Power Distributor at a great bang-for-buck cost. The NCF material is a special crystalline material that has two 'active' properties. First, it generates negative ions that eliminate static. Second, it converts thermal energy into far infrared energy. Furutech combines this remarkable material with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their additional 'piezo-electric effect' damping properties. The resulting Nano Crystal Formula is the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material. Created by Furutech, it is found exclusively in Furutech products. Formula GC-303 GC-303 is a special material Furutech bonds to the interior bottom-plate of the chassis that absorbs EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) generated by the internal fittings of the unit. The unit uses no filtering besides Formula GC-303 so AC resistance is kept to a minimum, allowing a more resolving, powerful, dynamic, and colorful performance from your components. GTO-D3 R NCF Features: High-purity inner OFC wire Alpha-22( with audio grade fluoropolymer and polyethylene double layered insulation. Three beautifully engineered high-end performance rhodium plated nonmagnetic phosphor bronze receptacles. Receptacle insulated with RoHS compliant special audio grade nylon/fiberglass with a special anti-resonance nano-sized crystalline, piezo ceramic particles and carbon damping material body with special anti-resonance nano-sized crystalline material “NCF” polycarbonate cover for improved vibration damping. Special grade aluminum CNC processed chassis effectively shields against RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) with special fluoropolymer damping foil. Furutech’s high-end audio grade IECinlet FI-06NCF(R) Furutech’s top high-end audio grade outlet cover 106-D NCF Results in greater resolution, clarity, powerful dynamics, and an ultra-quiet soundstage in which music develops more fully without artificial upper frequency “presence region” glare. D2 Dimensions: 283.4mm(L)x108.5mm(W)x77mm(H) approx. without spikes.

Furutech e-TP66

Furutech e-TP66 Gold and Rhodium
Furutech e-TP66

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The Furutech e-TP66 Audiophile power outlet strip is Furutech’s updated version of the e-TP60, allowing a narrower, more streamlined footprint.

The e-TP66 uses Furutech's μ-14 (14 AWG) wire to maintain low electrical resistance, and is star wired with the Furutech FPX (G) 20A high performance Gold plated receptacles to Furutech's FI-06(G) pure copper-based 15A IEC inlet. The Furutech FPX receptacles base metal features non-magnetic phosphor bronze conductors for stable, long lasting, optimized power transfer.

ALL metallic parts used in Furutech products go through the Alpha Process treatment to keep all connectors, conductors, and metal parts in a perfect stress-free, stable and highly conductive state.

Dimensions: 16-3/8" L x 2-5/8" W x 1.8"

WEIGHT (Net.) 1.85 lbs.

TYPE: 2-Pole + Earth


* A Schuko version of e-TP66 (e-TP66E) is available by special order only.

Furutech ETP-60

Furutech ETP-60
ETP-60 (U.S.)

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Need more outlets than "The Hot Box" has? The Furutech e-TP60 (U.S.) is a similar concept which delivers performance close to The Hot Box (when used with a Flavor 4), and has 6 outlets.

Like an antenna receives radio waves, the e-TP60 utilizes "GC-303", in a non-contact way, effectively absorbing the electromagnetic waves of the internal fittings. This also avoids the degradation of audio quality that is common to traditional power filters as current is filtered through a series of passive components. The GC-303 is attached to the chassis of the e-TP60 using a special EPOXY resin, which won't come off and is absolutely safe. The chassis utilizes aluminum at aviation industry level to effectively shield externally induced noise (RFI). Lastly, the receptacles and IEC inlet used are Furutech's own, which assures you of outstanding quality. Furutech's other (larger) units are available by special order.

Furutech ETP-80S (U.S) and ETP-80E (Schuko) Power Strips

Furutech ETP-80 (U.S.)
Furutech ETP-80 (U.S.)
Furutech ETP-80 (schuko)
Furutech ETP-80-E (Schuko)

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The Furutech e-TP80 (US) and e-TP80e (Schuko) are similar to the ETP-60, but have EIGHT outlets! Four of these outlets are filtered and four are non-filtered. Hyper quality non-magnetic 24k gold-plated 15A receptacles and Furutech's GC-303 EMF-absorbing internal coating are used, and all metal parts have been treated with Furutech's cryogenic and demagnetizing Alpha Process. Provided with a 2 meter Furutech FP-314Ag power cable.

Oyaide MT-UB DIY Power Strip Chassis

Oyaide MT-UB Power Strip chassis
Oyaide MT-UB

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Looking for a great chassis to make your own outlet strips? Look no further! The Oyaide MT-UB chassis is made from 2mm thick Brass plate for outstanding rigidity. Extra thick chrome plating further enhances speed characteristics and for exceptional protection against magnetic distortion. The chassis is supported by solid Brass spikes in order to minimize resonation influences from the floor. Internally, AC receptacles are supported by solid Brass columns to avoid vibration traveling from the surface of the chassis. AC receptacles and mounting columns are insulated by Flouropolymer washers.

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